Trig is Now A Batterii Certified Implementation Team

In Peter Diamandis' book, Abundance, he shares his theory of the 6 D’s of Exponentials, Digitalization being one of his six D's.  The theory is that anything that becomes digitized enters exponential growth, citing medicine, manufacturing, even finding a taxi or hotel room as examples.  We are big fans of Peter's work and regularly listen to his podcast with Dan Sullivan, Exponential Wisdom.

In that context, we are witnessing the practice of creating innovation being digitized itself. Trig is a fully digital company, producing innovation deliverables for clients across the world from the comfort of our respective home offices.  The process of moving to digital from physical offices over the past 6 years has gone in fits and starts as we have fundamentally reshaped the Trig culture and business model around this vision.  Until recently, facilitating ideation sessions has been one of our hold-out services that absolutely had to be conducted in-person and on-location for our clients.  

With the launch of our Virtual Ideation Subscription services, we realized that the scope of our work isn't confined to just facilitating ideation sessions within Batterii, but we have the opportunity to digitize the entire process of delivering amazing customer experiences.  Digitizing the entire process of creating, prototyping, and communicating new value for customers has the potential to create exponential growth for our clients, accelerating their ability to react to trends in the market and deliver experiences more efficiently. 

In short, we are seeing the disruption of innovation itself.

Batterii Certified Implementation Team

We have been working closely with the Batterii team to deploy their software for both internal and client programs. The Batterii team has been amazing to work with, even implementing several of the feature improvements that our team has suggested. As a result of our collaboration, Batterii has given Trig the first-ever Certified Implementation Team recognition, which qualifies our team for Enterprise-level implementations of Batterii for our clients.

Trig can now provide three levels of digitized innovation to our clients:

Entrepreneur Plan

Secure storage of content in private room

1 login ID for access to content

Included with the purchase of Trig Innovation services

SMB Plan

Secure storage of content in multiple private rooms hosted by Trig

$15/user/month billed annually

Active curation of content by a Trig team member

Facilitated digital ideation sessions

Access to the Trig Trend Exploration Room, updated monthly


Enterprise Plan

Company-specific implementation of Batterii

Unlimited rooms

Unlimited data storage

Active curation of new content by a Trig team member

Organize, upload, and categorize existing content with support from Trig

Specifically designed to collect, organize and share across your entire company, including SSO, dedicated support and security audits backed by Google.