SockSync Laundry Sorter



The innovative and ergonomic design of SockSync makes the common chore of sock-matching quick, easy, and enjoyable. SockSync tasked Trig with providing art direction for lifestyle photography and packaging design that complements SockSync's modern, sleek, and clean product design.


Sock matching used to mean dumping out loads of unmatched socks on the bed or floor to sort through a messy pile. Step by step, pair by pair you would tediously look for matches and then roll them up by hand. 

With SockSync's familiar yet innovative design, you can now use the built in spinner to efficiently move from sock to sock. Once found, easily fold your matches with a simple push.
Quickly fold socks with the hassle free SockSync.



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SockSync engaged with Trig for guidance on storytelling and packaging direction. Our designers began by creating mood boards that would capture the ideal atmosphere for promoting the product. Photography environment, shot angles, and assets were suggested to complement the sleek and simple design. These storyboards and scenery were used from marketing through to packaging. 



A product's packaging will sometimes be the first point of contact a consumer has with the actual product. This first impression can be one of the most important aspects, and it is important to consider what message will be the most successful—glamour shots, explanatory info, in-context imagery, or technical specs?

Trig generated graphics and final dielines for SockSync's packaging and sent them directly to the factory for manufacturing. We ensured product files were on time and optimized for their intended use.

Mock-up renderings were created for the client to aid in presentations to investors and other key stakeholders. These visualizations assisted with the crucial understanding of the product and its journey.

Photorealistic Packaging Graphics

Planning for Shipping and Logistics

Point of Sale Display Visualization