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Sunscreenr UV Camera

Sunscreenr is the first product from Voxelight, a startup company focused on developing products that utilize the hidden properties of light. Trig helped turn Sunscreenr into a reality with the IDEA Award winning design of a simple & rugged specialty viewer that allows you to see protection from UV rays. 

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LifeFlow Rapid Infuser - 410 Medical

The collaboration of 410 Medical's healthcare expertise and Trig's pragmatic design approach culminated in the IDEA award winning LifeFlow Rapid Infuser. The LifeFlow provides rapid, intuitive, and controlled fluid delivery unlike any device in the industry, through its simple and precise one handed operation.

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Redbud Labs Stage

Trig worked with Redbud Labs of Chapel Hill, NC to develop their Stage device. The benchtop system combines a driver for their microfluidic mixing chip, MXR, with precise thermal control to accelerate microarray assays - a crucial step in the preparation of laboratory tests and clinical diagnostics, and a process traditionally plagued by slow speed and poor results. The process pioneered by the Stage enables microarray mixing up to 10 times faster than other methods. 

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Low-Cost Air Sensor Product Design Case Study

A research team from Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering approached Trig for for industrial design and design for low volume manufacturing support. In this case study you will get a peek at our capabilities in delivering advanced technology to the field while prioritizing the end user experience.

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