Meet some of the clients that have shaped Trig® into the company you see today. 

ATI Industrial Automation

“As a new product development design engineer and project leader for over 25 years, I’ve interviewed and hired many outsourced professional services, including marketing consultants, graphics designers, software developers and several industrial designers. Trig Innovation is the best professional service I’ve ever worked with – in fact, it’s no contest. In terms of industrial designers in particular, Trig delivers exceptionally good value, being able to walk the fine line between creativity, schedule and budget.  Ty Hagler possesses the rare combination of creative design expertise while maintaining awareness of project scope, budget and design constraints.

In a “mission impossible” four-week design and product styling project in summer 2012, Trig Innovation delivered a perfect design solution on time, on budget and on the mark:

  • Trig was selected from among three ID candidates, based on the creativity, energy and organization they displayed

  • Throughout the project Trig used online collaboration software to keep our internal design team in sync with Trig’s design team. In fact, Trig took the lead in pacing the ID project.

  • From concept to refinement to rendering, Trig’s presentations were organized and “on point” allowing the diverse audience of mechanical, electrical and production engineers, sales and marketing, and senior management to understand the tradeoffs and converge on viable solutions.

  • At these presentations, Trig served as a “coach” guiding the audience through the selection process, and allowing us to select the optimum ID solution. After Trig made their recommendations, they knew when to tactfully step aside and let my design team lead the discussion, striking a perfect balance between leadership and collaboration.

  • Trig exceeded expectations with the SolidWorks models - not only delivering external features that matched the design intent from the sketching phase, but also provided stable geometry and preliminary mechanical engineering details that made for a very smooth hand-off to my team...

  • Aside from their ID skills, the best thing about working with Trig was the “whatever it takes” attitude, including the ability to always take suggestions from my design team. This even included suggestions which were contrary to Trig’s initial design, but were appropriate for the design goals of my company.”

Leo Costello. Sr. Electronics Engineer and Design Team Leader at ATI Industrial Automation

Career Cube logo

"Ty and his team were such a pleasure to work with!  We came in with a general concept for both our logo and product design, but it was truly the vision and technical skills of his team to take our ideas and put them on paper. They constantly communicated with us throughout the process, and modifications were always made in a timely manner. Moreover, their help did not stop at the creation phase – any questions from printing and color ratios to sizing, they were ready and on call to even talk with the printers. We highly recommend them for any design work needed!"

Christina Kao, Co-Founder of CareerCube



"Ty Hagler, and Trig Innovation, has never failed to impress. His designs are cutting edge, yet stay true to the fundamental intent of the product concept. His knowledge of product ideation and design processes is exemplary and his ability to see and address technical concerns early in the product development cycle is an invaluable asset. Ty has always shown himself to be an excellent communicator and team builder. I would gladly hire Ty, and Trig Innovation, again for future new product development projects."

John Rudolph, Director of Product Engineering at The Home Depot


Porticos Engineering

"We recently conducted an ideation session with Trig Innovation.  It was a great experience working with Ty and his team.  They were very professional.  The ideation session was well thought out,  having a variety of activities to keep things interesting and to get you to think about the problem differently with each activity, and with clearly defined goals.  They helped create an environment that was light and fun allowing for a free flow of ideas.   

An extra dimension is that Trig was able to take on the role of visual scribe.  While most of us drew the ideas as stick figures or hieroglyphs that left a lot of room for interpretation, the scribes were able to capture the ideas in a much more concrete and easily recognizable visual format.  This allowed other teams to understand the idea at a glance.  This quality visual communication allows a sharing and building upon others ideas in a way that is not possible with lesser quality sketches.   Perhaps the real value is that the ideas are just as evident weeks later when the core idea hidden in the hieroglyphs are long forgotten."

Ken Hogue, Medical Team Leader at Porticos, Inc.

Mustard Tree Instruments

"Trig Innovation's animation efforts gave Mustard Tree's customers a unique view of our products."

Peter Cregger, Chief Operations Officer at Mustard Tree Instruments


UNC NCSU Biomedical Engineering

“The first time I met Ty, he made an immediate impression. Since that time, he has served as a mentor to my graduate students studying medical technology innovation. As part of that mentoring, Trig facilitated a brainstorming session. The activity was exceptionally well run, organized, fun, and valuable. I highly recommend using Trig for your pre-ideation, brainstorming, or information gathering needs.”

Andrew DiMeo, Sr., Director of Industrial Relations, Assistant Professor at UNC/NCSU Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering