About Trig

Trig® is a full-service industrial design and innovation firm with services including insights + ideation, product design, and brand asset management. Trig® serves start-ups, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies across the United States. Based in Chapel Hill, the Trig® team can be found in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Richmond, Virginia.

Conventional wisdom of working with design firms says that we need to all be in the room together; Trig challenges that convention through our investment in digital collaboration tools and methodologies that drive a more efficient and effective process. As a fully digital company, we have built a global network of rapid prototype shops, machine shops, and contract manufacturing vendors to provide excellent quality solutions to handle the variety of client projects that frequent a new product development consulting firm.

Our team is fueled by a set of core values. They shape the stories we tell of victories won and opportunities for improvement.
We Hold the Line

Hold the Line is an expression of protecting each team member's reputation and quality of work, which, in turn, protects the overall quality of work that clients expect and deserve from Trig. When we Hold the Line, we say that anyone can challenge the quality of our work in the spirit of making it the best it can be.

We are Pragmatic

We aren’t creatives for creativity’s sake. Divergent thinking is essential to innovation, but it has to be balanced by pragmatism. We do that by striving for efficiency and treating every budget as if we had hired ourselves with our own money. We always strive to deliver effective and complete solutions to our clients with the greatest efficiency.

We are Hungry

Every project matters. This dynamic isn’t simply exemplified by delivering great work - it requires going the extra mile, and going there before our clients do. In the fast pace of modern business, companies need partners who will stay one or two steps ahead, surveying the horizon for indicators of change and fresh perspectives, while listening intently to clients and their customers.

We are Curious Tinkerers

We must push as hard as we can against the creative constraints of business to deliver results that are thoughtful, game-changing, and solve real problems. No matter how large or small, each project offers an opportunity to explore our curiosity for a product or sector, allowing us to expand our minds to reach the best solutions, one step at a time.


Our Process: Explore, Prototype, & Build

Most people can’t get their heads around how a concept becomes a product in the marketplace. It’s a difficult road to success that necessitates processes that continuously improve product development over time. We are Design Thinkers with an innate ability to manage risk through multiple small experiments. We are explorers of new technologies and techniques, constantly testing the effectiveness of our discoveries through creative use of prototypes, then building out methodologies to consistently extract value from validated prototypes.

Key Outcomes: Client Satisfaction, Billable Ratio, & Effiency

There is a long list of skills that you either have or quickly need to acquire at Trig. We consider these Key Outcomes to be fundamental. A Graphic Designer is a key producer and contributor to the financial health of Trig. This means nurturing positive, collaborative relationships with clients and coworkers, and measuring your success through three key performance indicators.

Client Satisfaction

Clients have spoken and unspoken expectations for our work. Achieving client satisfaction means not accepting what they say on face value, but asking deeper questions to help them think through what is needed to achieve their goals. Your work should delight fellow designers and clients on the first pass.


Getting faster at your work as you grow in your career is the hallmark of a top performer. Designers deliver work under budget and demonstrate continuous improvement by reducing time-to-completion and meeting or exceeding benchmarks set by your peers. In other words, if it takes you 4 hours the first time you complete a logo exploration, you should take less time with each subsequent exploration as you learn the tools and craft.

Billable Ratio

Billable Ratio is a measure of time spent on client work. We expect contractors to spend 100% of their time on billable hours.

Contractor Graphic Designer Qualifications

A person's core values, personality, and a demonstrable track record of success are more important to us than direct experience. That being said, top candidates will demonstrate the below traits.

Our ideal candidate has the following capabilities:

  • BA/BS in Industrial Design or Graphic Design or equivalent experience
  • Have at least 1+ years of experience in the capacity of a graphic designer producing work of the highest quality
  • Demonstrate a mastery of Adobe Illustrator
  • Have a sophisticated eye for composition, colors, and proportions
  • Insights-driven, trend-focused graphic design process
  • Mastery of a web design platform, such as SquareSpace or WordPress
  • Ability to move fluidly from sketched up wireframes to prototype sites
  • HTML/CSS fluent
  • Facilitate the client’s vision through the crafting of intuitive wireframes, storyboards, sitemaps, and screen flows of digital experiences
  • Ability to develop personas to address and anticipate areas of improvement over current experiences
  • Naturally follow a storytelling process of design
  • Able to speak to any client’s vision and develop supporting brand assets
  • Demonstrate a talent for crafting brand identities from scratch that clearly express client’s core values and business direction
  • No fear of learning new programs/apps in service of client’s needs
  • Have a strong capacity for concept visualization and creative solutions
  • Follow through on specific project expectations, commit to completion
  • Manage multiple tasks and deadlines
  • Possess good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work within assigned budgets

After reviewing this position, please submit your cover letter, resume, and portfolio to trig.com/careers
No phone calls please.

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