Holding ourselves to a higher standard of excellence.

Our core values drive every project, every request, and every interaction with our clients.


Every project has cost, speed, and quality as variables, but one attribute remains constant: quality. It is the responsibility of each Trig team member to make sure that we put our best foot forward and together we hold the line on excellent work. Anyone can challenge the quality of what has been prepared before it goes out to a client or gets presented in public.

When you Hold the Line, you protect the company's reputation and you protect your linemate(s). There is a recognition of a "buck stops with me" mentality with regards to client satisfaction. It embodies doing for others, doing for yourself, doing for the company, and doing for the client.

Hold the Line Core Value Graphic


Divergent thinking is essential to innovation, but it has to be balanced by pragmatism. We always strive to deliver effective and complete solutions to our clients, with the greatest efficiency. At Trig, we treat every client budget as though we had hired ourselves with our own money.


Every project matters and requires going the extra mile. As we anticipate the next phase of a project, clients should be hearing new ideas and options from us. They don’t have to give us directions on the next step, we’ve already charted the path. We should always be vigilant, listening to clients as they articulate needs that we turn into business opportunities with their value in mind.


The boundaries of what is possible are perpetually expanding. We foster a culture that encourages experiments and learning from failures, large and small. We know that the inspiration gained from following curiosity unlocks personal potential in surprising ways. Give people a vision and the tools to achieve it, and they can move mountains.


There's a method to our madness at Trig, and you'll find comfort in our process. The road from exploration to prototyping and eventually building your products is full of thrills, but never scary, when you have the Trig team at your side.