Design Thinking Workshops

Design Thinking is not a predetermined process, but rather a mindset. Thought leaders have used best practices of Design Thinking to develop many innovation processes. Each innovation process may work brilliantly in certain situations, but might not be the right fit for your business conditions.

Trig Personalized Training is a coaching mentality unique from other design experts in that we don’t provide a one-size-fits-all methodology to deploy in your business. Rather, we create a coaching environment that delivers best practices of Design Thinking while building a process and tool set specific to your industry and business innovation needs.

What can I expect from Trig’s Personalized Training?

Andrew DiMeo Design Thinking Workshop

Design Thinking Workshops bring together your team face-to-face with Trig facilitators to accomplish two major deliverables:

  • Set a baseline knowledge of Design Thinking for the group

  • Introduce tools and strategies to maximize your team’s creative performance

Workshops are intended for larger groups of up to 30 participants that break out into smaller teams. They can take place over 3 to 5 days with a flexible agenda that takes into consideration your team’s schedule, and can be hosted at your corporate office or an offsite location. Each day, facilitators will deliver Design Thinking topics and organize breakout sessions as you explore, prototype, and build your process and tools.

Guided Project Sessions (GPS) take place over a 3-6 month time span and include remote, video conference sessions. During each session, Trig facilitators will refresh the group on your process and tools, and facilitate activities to augment your ongoing innovation project. GPS is intended for small project teams of 4-6 participants that will meet with Trig once or twice per month over the course of the project. Once a Workshop and GPS have been completed, Trig will take the lessons learned to produce a refined process map, curated tools, and training guide that captures your unique business needs.

What will my team learn? The Trig Personalized Training Workshop and Guided Project Session are broken up into six core Design Thinking topics that are the foundation of our process (see below). It was crafted for partnering with our clients and works great for taking an innovation journey along their side. The goal is to use our process as a starting point to build yours!

Innovation & Design Workshop

  • 3 to 5 days of collaborative sessions

  • Work through 6 topic modules in person

  • 3 Trig Facilitators on site

  • Group sizes up to 30 participants

    • Groups larger than 30 require additional facilitators

  • Hosted at your corporate office or offsite

    *For Clients that complete both a Workshop and GPS, Deliverables include process map, curated canvas tools, and a training guide

Guided Project Sessions (GPS)

  • 6 sessions, 90-minute video conferences

  • 2 remote Trig Facilitators,

  • Ideal group size of 4-6 participants

    • 6 sessions, 90-minute video conferences

    • 2 remote Trig Facilitators,

    • Ideal group size of 4-6 participants

    • Meets every other week, monthly, or at custom intervals per project

  • Includes digital hosting of project canvases/storyboards

Trig Personalized Training Offerings

In addition to the Workshops and GPS, we offer Talks and Facilitated Sessions that can be curated to your unique needs.

Topic Areas Include

  • Insights: Best practices of innovation and design thinking

  • Design: Novel approaches to human-centered, holistic, and iterative design

  • Brand: Design thinking for marketers

Ty Hagler Design Thinking Workshop
Thank you Ty. It was such a treat to work with you and Andrew yesterday. Amazing how quickly two hours can fly by! Yesterday it became even more clear that we have much work to do in pursuit of the 10-year vision that’s been established. I love the concepts and tools that you shared with us and plan to spread those out to the rest of our team.
— Wendy Tonker, Executive Director, Schoolhouse of Wonder

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Design Thinking Resources

Books related to Design Thinking

The Explore - Prototype - Build Process



Discover the world of your stakeholders by immersing with fresh eyes. Identify customers, key influencers, and their respective personas. Research design inputs, competitive brands and market trends.

Define patterns of behavior, thoughts, and aspirations as well as opportunities that will set the strategic focus for your project. Generate and validate unmet needs relevant to the project scope.


Conceptualize ways to approach your stakeholders’ challenges from different perspectives. This phase is all about quantity as you brainstorm as many ideas as possible that meet your project’s defined needs.

Filter attributes of your team’s concepts by what would ultimately delight your stakeholders. Early ideas will be synthesized and converged according to decision-making best practices.


Develop core concepts to fit into the context of your stakeholders’ needs. You’ll be building out high level strategic guidance, translating needs to specifications, methods of prototyping experiences.

Produce your case for the most promising concepts to pursue with strategic stakeholder feedback. Set a north star for your ultimate design deliverables using refined experiential prototypes.