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What is Human-Centered Design?

At Trig, human-centered design is a philosophy put into daily practice.  We approach each new product design challenge with the mindset of a student, listening and watching carefully to understand the customer needs and experiences throughout the process.  We wonder:  How can we make the product or service not only functional and solve an existing problem, but also a joyful experience?

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What is a Bias-Free New Product Concept?

A testable product concept is a clearly illustrated and articulated idea that follows a specific format. The concept illustration provides minimal details to express the product idea such that a customer can understand, believe in, and evaluate the concept. The concept description is persuasion-neutral, but describes the solution, benefit, and reasons why the concept is believable.

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What is Cool Hunting?

Cool hunting is the practice of researching the youth culture in the street or underground scenes in order to predict future or upcoming trends, in the context of design. The term cool hunting has an inherent sociocultural element to it, since it is the current society’s ideals that dictate what is cool and uncool, the zeitgeist, or the “spirit of the times”.

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Concept, theory, hypothesis, and paradigm?

More recently, the internet has created communities of people who share fringe paradigms such as a fear of vaccines or a belief that the world is flat. The term has largely fallen out of favor in most business circles as a lofty expression that demonstrates the speaker’s lack of familiarity with modern innovation concepts for generating pragmatic solutions.

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