Strategic Frameworks

Frameworks are useful tools for understanding the decisions you face.  At the outset of each project, Trig Innovation seeks to understand our client's strategic perspective.  We think of strategy as making decisions about what you will not do - just as much as deciding what you will do.  As shown in the graphic below, Wal-Mart's strategy is to combine cost leadership with as broad of an appeal to the market as possible.  Apple, in contrast, combines unique new products with broad market appeal through a zealous focus on design and feature leadership.  The anomaly to this framework is Target.  They have managed to straddle both cost leadership and design leadership, however that decision had to have been made with an appreciation for how difficult it is to accomplish.


 Do you aspire to cost leadership, design leadership, or do you want to find a niche in-between?  Based on where you land in the matrix, it provides both a starting point for the design process, as well as a definition for your ultimate goals for the product and its place in the market.

Trig Innovation's consultative approach uncovers your core values through the Innovation Strategy Matrix to lay the groundwork for driving changes that fit your strategy.