Project Brief

Handminder, a start-up company centered around a medical device for rehabilitation of the motor skills of stroke victims, needed a way to more clearly communicate its core concept to earn more venture capital funding and reach the marketplace.


Ideation and Concept Sketching

Collaborating with the company at every step along the creative process, Trig Innovation’s design team, led by Patrick Murphy, delivered a set of renderings that fleshed out the company’s core concept in much greater detail with regard to both form and function.

An unobtrusive, portable glove serves as the foundation for a system of tiny contacts that deliver pulses to the digits, enhancing the neural connections between the motor cortex and the hand.  Murphy modeled the glove after a somewhat traditional driving glove. Stitched leather ensures that the device exudes quality and longevity, with a familiar look and feel to the typically older users of the technology.  



The renderings resulted in a process that improves the amount and quality of a patient’s hand movement up to 2.5 times more than traditional rehabilitation methods, and the glove-based technology is also far cheaper to employ for the manufacturer.

The design features include a control box with easy-to-use, two-way switches for the finger and wrist contacts, as well as a large and prominent power button.  According to Murphy, the nature of the technology may have manifested into something very complicated to use, without dialing it back to an elegant, simple model. 


11 days from introduction to completed rendering.

 "That rendering is AWESOME.  We are very pleased.  Thank you for the outstanding work and the quick turnaround."

- James Bell, CEO & Co-Founder