Human-Centered Design

At Trig, human-centered design is a philosophy put into daily practice.  We approach each new product design challenge with the mindset of a student, listening and watching carefully to understand the customer needs and experiences throughout the process.  We wonder:  How can we make the product or service not only functional and solve an existing problem, but also a joyful experience?  

We provide an array of services that help our clients understand more deeply their customer needs, explore whether potential new design features would delight their users, and quickly develop prototypes to test how customers respond to a potential solution.  

human-centered design interviews, customer research

Our qualitative customer research process can provide in-depth exploration through one-on-one or group interviews, shadowing to observe how a user experiences a product, and development of personas representing the diversity of customer types.  

human-centered design in survey research, graphics, quantitative

Quantitative customer research, through surveys, can establish customer design priorities, explore demographic trends, and support persona identification.

human-centered design, prototype, 3d printing, CAD

Ideation and prototype development return to the customer needs again and again.

human-centered design, brand guide, identity, logo

Development of brand identity, to help customers connect the thoughtful and human-centered product design to the brand and build customer loyalty.