We hold ourselves to a higher standard of excellence.

Our core values drive every project, every request, and every interaction with our clients.


We Hold the Line

Hold the Line is an expression of protecting each team member's reputation and quality of work, which, in turn, protects the overall quality of work that clients expect and deserve from Trig.

When we Hold the Line, it means anyone can challenge the quality of our work in the spirit of making it the best it can be. We know that having a fresh set of eyes means much more than proofreading, as often a new concept or value proposition is another person’s viewpoint away.

We are Pragmatic

Often with our work, divergent perspectives are expressed, and we must focus our creativity to reach client goals. We aren’t creatives for creativity’s sake. We are in business to make other businesses better. We do that by striving for efficiency and treating every budget as if we had hired ourselves with our own money.

Divergent thinking is essential to innovation, but it has to be balanced by pragmatism. We always strive to deliver effective and complete solutions to our clients with the greatest efficiency.

We are Hungry

Every project matters. This dynamic isn’t simply exemplified by delivering great work - it requires going the extra mile, and going there before our clients do. In the fast pace of modern business, companies need partners who will stay one or two steps ahead, surveying the horizon for indicators of change and fresh perspectives, while listening intently to clients and their customers.

This hunger, vigilance, desire to be the best, forges our pride in providing exceptional service.

We are Curious Tinkerers

Any company that combines the diverse disciplines of innovation, design, and marketing must evoke the tinkerer’s mindset. We must push as hard as we can against the creative constraints of business to deliver results that are thoughtful, game-changing, and solving real problems.

No matter how large or small, each project offers an opportunity to explore our curiosity for a product or sector, allowing us to expand our minds to reach the best solutions, one step at a time.


We are People-First

Every person matters. At Trig, we play the long game. We know that if we put mission ahead of people, we may achieve it, but as a result degrade the wellbeing of our team, clients, and community.  Every decision we make puts people first, even if that means turning down a project.

We are caring and thoughtful. We strive for work-life balance in an ego-free, team-based environment that supports health, happiness, and self-actualization across an amazing career path. Our focus is on projects and clients sharing this value to make the world a better place. We are committed to a philanthropic mission of community engagement, sharing best practices of design to students of all ages.


At Trig’s founding nearly a decade ago, we established a set of core values that enabled us to build from a concept into a growing company on a firm foundation.


We established a simple set of core values—inspiration, collaboration, pragmatism, and integrity—that would help us not only establish a stout reputation, but give us something to live up to with every client engagement. 

Just as our business has evolved, both internally with our number of contributors and externally with the number of customers we serve, the values that drive us should also evolve.

Our new set of core values—developed in collaboration by our entire team—reflects a company that doesn’t just aspire to survival, but to greatness. Relative to our goal of building a 100-year company, we are still very young. With this youth comes the opportunity to reflect on the harder challenges, learn from our victories, mistakes, and grow into a greater version of ourselves 10, 20, or 50 years down the road.


Our Process:
We Explore,
and Build

How a concept becomes a product in the marketplace is a difficult road to success that necessitates processes that continuously improve product development over time.  

We are Design Thinkers with an innate ability to manage risk through multiple small experiments.  We are explorers of new technologies and techniques, constantly testing the effectiveness of our discoveries through creative use of prototypes, then building out methodologies to consistently extract value from validated prototypes.

Difficult shouldn’t be scary. There’s comfort in process, and we strive to be the guides who help you explore the high seas of product development.

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