Trig is a digitally connected team, giving us the ability to work from anywhere with anyone.

Our commitment to virtual collaboration tools didn't happen overnight. Trig’s history is built on providing the greatest value to our clients while attracting the best talent in the world. Trig is a values-based organization. In a fully digital environment, culture has to be intentional as we build deep relationships based on consistency and trust, both internally and with clients.

Better client experiences

A typical facilitated brainstorming session is on site. Many clients have multiple sites, and resort to flying in team members from around the country or world for 8-12 hours of structured creative exercises. By hour 3, the biggest task of the facilitator is distraction management and pushing creativity out of exhausted participants.

Trig’s digital methods break up ideation sessions into smaller blocks of time, maximizing creative performance and saving companies the expense of travel and lodging. An 8-hour session can be split up over several shorter sessions with time and tools in-between to capture ideas as they bubble up from the subconscious and quiet moments of reflection.

Memorialized in digital space

Physical ideation spaces are filled with charts, posters, and endless sticky notes that quickly degrade once the event is over. All of that creative thinking is then interpreted as an unfortunate team member is tasked with collecting the scattered ideas into a binder.

Digitized ideation, by contrast, has participants natively working in the cloud. The whiteboard and sticky notes are memorialized as they happened, able to be referenced to determine inventorship, or to pick back up where you left off years ago.

Trig - the best and brightest

Great talent is hard to come by. Mere geography isn't a limiting factor to digital collaboration. We have found that intrinsically motivated self-starters who are comfortable with the ambiguity of the creative process tend to thrive at Trig.

The most talented people in the world live anywhere in the world. They are introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts. The best creative teams have a healthy tension among people who look at problems from divergent perspectives and have unique life experiences.  You can find our team working in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Richmond, Virginia. You can find them working in their homes, in shared office spaces, and on site with clients.

Digital tools give Trig the ability to hire and retain the most innovative design thinkers, giving them the opportunity to live where they want to live, travel the world, and work in the environment they feel most creative.

We fearlessly go where the creative process leads us.

We are explorers and we don't compromise. We don't believe in boxing ourselves in. Our unrestricted workspace allows us to explore every creative trail, every possible path to greatness in a project, and affords us the opportunity to always be on the lookout for the next best thing.

We find balance in a boundary-less world.

Being digital does not mean that we work everywhere, all the time. Peak creative performance means that we find time to rest, recharge, and keep our personal lives in balance with our professional efforts. Apart from our weekly community rituals of coming together, we have the freedom to manage our own time to deliver both happy clients and personal fulfillment.

We are digital natives welcoming analog immigrants.

We regularly invest in new digital collaboration tools and freely share what works (and doesn't) with our community. The future is here, but it is unevenly distributed. We have a "raise all ships" mindset and we accomplish far more when we create collaboratively.

Interested in our roots and how we got here? Read more about Trig's history.