Patrick Murphy

Senior Industrial Designer

Early on in my education I took great interest in the “Industrial” element of Industrial Design – the “how” became as crucial to my creative process as the “what.” My experience in the design industry has only confirmed the importance of this fascination.

My experience with Trig however, has highlighted the importance of a broader perspective of the design spectrum – one that grasps the inextricable relationships and dependencies between innovation, design and marketing. In my six years (and counting) at Trig I have spearheaded dozens of successful design projects for a diverse clientele, from local entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies - but I have also engaged in customer research, ideation sessions, branding exercises, and marketing strategy developments in an effort to fill the gaps in my clients' needs.

Today, despite having numerous success stories in my portfolio, my education is far from over as I search for new ways to bridge the gap between problem and solution, solution and product, product and user.