Eating With The Eyes

By: Harry Pearce

Eating With The Eyes is a photographic intervention and a rich chronicling of unplanned occurrences crossing over an entire decade that were gathered courtesy of Harry Pearce’s travels around the globe. Harry Pearce, for those unfamiliar, is a Pentagram partner, undying optimist, activist of human rights, graphic designer, diary keeper, and photojournalist.

Harry’s snapshots are the product of a life spent practicing the craft, stemming from his formative years that were spent in the West Country, after his father gave him the life-altering gift of a Pentax camera. From this moment on, Harry started methodically recording idiosyncrasies, human interferences, and moments of happenstance. These images allowed him to begin to piece together what became an occasionally heartbreaking, sometimes humorous, and deeply moving steadiness and pace within the world as a whole.

“I get lost in the process of recording seemingly accidental events. As time has passed, I’ve come to realize that there are no true accidents, only ideas trying to find us. We are surrounded by a constant stream of ideas, insights and visions. Every moment in every place. Abstract and accidental as they may seem, they are to my eyes precise, illuminating and elevating”, Pearce said.

Eating With The Eyes features a great foreword from Charles Saumarez Smith, the CEO of the Royal Academy of Art. His words present a wonderful understanding of Pearce’s mind and show some of the essential parts of his methodology throughout a life spent as a graphic designer.

Spanning three decades, Pearce came to work with a few of the world’s most well known artists and brands during his career. This period of his professional life was spent concocting personalities, posters, packaging, and paperbacks. Some of these individuals and corporations are: the UN, Saks Fifth Avenue, Anish Kapoor, the Royal Academy of Arts, John Lewis, Phaidon Press, Ai Weiwei, and Lloyds of London.


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