Graphic Designers Surveyed

By: Lucienne Roberts and Stefanie Posavec

Graphic Designers Surveyed approached designers based in both the United Kingdom and United States. These graphic designers were faced with invasive inquiries about their personal and work lives. This book displays many answers that are fervent, amusing, and candid. 1,988 designers were presented with these questions and their answer will leave you excited, thinking critically and creatively, while fostering feelings of irritation and enthusiasm at the same time. In short, the answers presented in this report will leave you in a state of disbelief.

One thing will be clear from this book, everyone interviewed really loves design and the possibilities that this field creates. Through understanding their replies in conjuncture with the social scientist Nikandre Kopcke, new perspectives are created that will cause you to re-consider how you think about design no matter your age, gender, creed, or nationality.

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DesignGus Myer