Look Inside

By: Juan Velasco, Samuel Velasco

Through observing various parts of society from the outside such as buildings, the human body, or cars you can not typically learn much information about the internal makeups and functions of these pieces of society. In order to gain a deeper understanding of what makes things work, need to get an inside look. Look Inside displays various types of infographics that dissect or pull apart the foci of the book and makes them see-through. The resultant cross sections and visuals from the inside of structures showcase exact, minute elements in numerous layers.

Look Inside begins with the contemplation of Arnhem Land, a forefather of cutaway illustrations. As one of the characters on the forefront of the cutaway illustration movement, Land’s work shows that as far back as 28,000 years ago, human beings have had an obsession with understanding the inner workings of things. The information that is often concealed from the human eye creates wonder. Work from centuries gone in addition to what is on the cutting-edge, Look Inside presents an unparalleled compilation of cutaway systems and their extensive functions and purposes. Fritz Kahn, the Jewish-German physician, has work that depicts the human body as a mechanized factory of sorts. His visual representations display conveyor belts and workplaces where veins and valves are normally located. Fabian Oefner uses techniques to look at exploded pictures of traditional sports cars, which allows the reader to observe each and every piece of the automotive puzzle, from the shell of the body down to individual lug nuts. The scientific slices from Richard Orr characterize the natural order of the world and carry on the genre’s established thread of handmade diagrams. From beaver lodges to the landscape of the Arctic Circle, Orr offers a vibrant look into the natural world or strata and established scientific orders. Samuel and Juan Velasco curated the lush collection that was presented by the well-respected designers and innovative leaders within Look Inside. The Velasco brothers have presented precious and rousing awareness of the history and concept of cutaway illustrations and subsequent photographic storytelling.

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DesignGus Myer