The Book of Virtues

By: William J. Bennett

The trait of empathy is very important in design. Most recognize the traits of accountability, bravery, empathy, morality, companionship, perseverance, and trust as fundamentals of what it means to have good character. If our children are to develop these qualities, we must give them the proper examples of what is moral and immoral, accurate and inaccurate. The best places to find these examples are within the prodigious works of literature and consummate stories throughout history.

William J. Bennett has compiled hundreds of tales in The Book of Virtues, an informative and inspirational collection that can help people and develop character within children and adults alike. Throughout history, from the stories of Greek mythology moving all the way to English poetry and then from fairy tales to modern fiction, the stories Bennett picks contain a wealth of morality, a dependable honest point of reference that will aid us as we aim to teach our clients and ourselves about the ideals by which we wish to conduct our business. Full of instructive notes and stories, The Book of Virtues is a book everyone can read and enjoy, and learn from, to benefit their ability to conduct their lives and business in a more empathetic manner.

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DesignGus Myer