A Designer's Art

Paul Rand A Designers Art Cover Book Review

By Gus Myer | 2 Minute Read

Paul Rand was arguably the most impactful American graphic designer of the twentieth century, and still, Paul Rand: A Designer's Art is one of the most substantial pieces of work that he created. A thorough assemblage of his most significant and well-known designs, A Designer's Art affords the reader a rare look into the methodology behind Rand's design. He also details the theories he held and applied to his work, which can be great food for thought. This new edition of Rand's classic thesis, which has long been unavailable, carefully re-masters the graphic quality of his original work. A Designer’s Art incorporates more than two hundred graphics, twenty-seven essays, and an original afterword that was composed by Steven Heller. This book is without a doubt a piece of mandatory reading for anyone who is even interested in modern design.

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