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Epic Content Marketing Joe Pulizzi Cover Book Review

By Gus Myer | 2 Minute Read

Publishing is the new way to do marketing. How can you slice through the commotion and bad information out there to deliver quality content to your desired customer? Joe Pulizzi, one of the world's leading experts on content marketing, says the answer is found in Epic Content Marketing. He explains how to entice new customers to do business with you by generating compelling information and exciting, trustworthy content they actually desire. The marketplace is now too competitive to bring average content into the marketplace.
"Epic Content Marketing" takes you on a step by step process that explains how to develop stories that enlighten, amuse and induce customers into action, without telling them how to act. Epic content, shown to the correct person at the correct time, is how you seize the hearts and minds of customers. It's also how you can position your business to be seen as a trusted expert in your industry. You want to have the content that customers share and talk about.
Once you hook customers with epic content Pulizzi says that they will repay your company by taking your sales through the roof.

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