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How to Invent Everything

Eisner and Harvey Award winning author Ryan North has brought a combination of humor and genius into the world in his latest book How to Invent Everything. The premise being that you rented a time machine which promptly malfunctioned. The book includes guides to discovering what time period you’ve landed in and how you can build human society similar to, or better than, how we know it today. Think you can reinvent the modern world from scratch?

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A Designer's Art

Paul Rand was arguably the most impactful American graphic designer of the twentieth century, and still, Paul Rand: A Designer's Art is one of the most substantial pieces of work that he created. A thorough assemblage of his most significant and well-known designs, A Designer's Art affords the reader a rare look into the methodology behind Rand's design. He also details the theories he held and applied to his work, which can be great food for thought.

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Change By Design

The myth of innovation is that breathtaking, revolutionary ideas come to life already fully formed from the brains of masterminds. The reality proposed by Brown is that most revolutions come out of a process of intense consideration by which compelling ideas can be recognized and then grown before being understood as original contributions with the potential of having groundbreaking abilities.

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