How to Write a Good Advertisement: A Short Course in Copywriting

By Gus Myer | 3 Minute Read

Call it advertising, promotion, or marketing. Whatever you say, every business and depends on creating words that have impact. You must attract the attention of potential customers, clients, or supporters and call them to action. Few of us are born as talented copywriters with the rare combination of being both a facile wordsmith and a natural salesperson. Most of us require some form of help, and even naturals can improve their skills by studying the best in the business. Victor O. Schwab was one of the best of all time and was considered a master marketer by the end of his 44-year career. He was the individual who turned Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People into an all-time best seller.

How to Write a Good Advertisement is Schwab’s classic guide and has tended to stand the test of time. In just over 200 pages, this work clearly illuminates some core elements behind effective advertising. Schwab shows his readers how to:

  • Get attention

  • Build integrity

  • Create the right layouts and pick the appropriate ad size

  • Test your ads effectiveness

  • Convert leads into sales

  • Make the right special offers to drastically increase sales

How to Write a Good Advertisement gets you quickly up to speed by combining explanations of why certain headlines create examples of powerful profitable business play. He gives quick reviews that take what you’ve read and turn them into skills that you own and can apply according to your free own free will. Schwab explains shortcuts you can take while not harming your long-term understanding of what it happening within your business.

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