Branding to Reach New Heights: Part Two

Part two of last week's article about the collaborative process between Trig Innovation and its client company, Thought Leader Select, showing the behind-the-scenes exploration of a rebranding project for a maturing company.

Of particular interest was the competitive landscape data that Thought Leader Select had processed in the months prior to engaging Trig Innovation. Many of Thought Leader Select’s competitors employ a completely different model where they try to evaluate doctors through software and web searches—an approach that simply commoditize the data sets that reflect actual medical careers. These technology-driven companies don’t have the same intellectual appreciation for the medical professionals they are profiling and are prone to missing the deeper nuances that have a big impact on the selection of doctors to evaluate developing medicines.  In example after example, TLS explained the downsides to this approach, making a convincing case that their competitors can’t provide the same depth of analysis or collect the same quality of information.  Its employees, like Napier and her fellow research managers, Lynda Scott and Clarissa Noureddine, have decades of experience in both clinical practice and medical research.

As it turned out, there was already a lot of brand equity in the check mark of the existing logo, which the company had utilized since its initial year in business, beginning in late 2005.  In generating the updated logo, the different versions provided a creative path forward while remaining grounded in the company’s solid reputation.  Successful iterations used the check mark in negative space to allow experimentation with new formats and color fields.

The existing logo had too little emphasis on the word ‘select,’ a word had come to define the company at a much deeper level during its development.  In laying out the typography, the balance shifted to increase the size of ‘select’ while not overwhelming the total composition.  Admittedly, Thought Leader Select is long for a company name, and finding the right balance in text placement presented a challenge.

Images selected for the new company website shared a  striking blue color that did not match the existing logo palette.  The blue stethoscope belonging to one of the physicians in the signature home page image formed the basis of a new palette providing inspiration for the subsequent greens, blues, and browns that would be created and added. 

At the end of the process, both parties realized that the end was just a new beginning—a new beginning for the Thought Leader Select brand, well-positioned for the immediate future, now with a logo ripe for expansion as the company continues to expand its branded suite of services and tools for facilitating engagement with medical experts.

To see the development process from start to finish for the Thought Leader Select logo, please check out our Flickr page.

MarketingSamantha Harr