Press Release: Hagler Announces Launch of Trig Innovation


DURHAM, NC--(March 8, 2011) - Ty Hagler, leader of Durham, NC industrial design firm Studio Hagler, announces the launch of his new venture in innovation management consulting, Trig Innovation.

Hagler, a Georgia Tech alumnus who will complete his master of business administration with a focus in innovation management from North Carolina State University in May 2011, has led industrial design teams since his time at The Home Depot's new product laboratory, starting in 2004.

With work spanning several industries, including home improvement products, toys, medical devices, consumer packaging, furniture, and technology, Studio Hagler has achieved prominence in the design community through applying strategic business concepts to the product development process. Ty Hagler sees the launch of Trig Innovation as the culmination of years of excellence as a designer coupled with an appreciation for strategy that meets the challenges his clients face in the marketplace.

"The idea behind Trig is that any entrepreneur has to be willing to reinvent his or her company to respond to the market," stated Hagler. "Trig is a more accurate expression of the evolving diverse services that my team has been delivering to our clients. We are introducing new ideas for an integrated approach to product development that makes our clients more efficient and effective at delivering innovation to the marketplace."

The new firm will operate in the Research Triangle, NC area and work with a collection of leading designers, marketing strategists, and intellectual property counsel to form a one-stop innovation team for inventors and product managers leading corporate product and service development teams.

About Trig Innovation:
Trig Innovation is a Durham, NC-based innovation management consulting firm dedicated to strategies for the development of new products and services for inventors and corporate product and brand teams.

Media Contact
Ty Hagler, Founder and Principal
Phone:  919-480-8744

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