Trig Innovation Announces Patent Award for Otwo Air Purifier


Press Release out today from Trig Innovation:

DURHAM, NC--(April 7, 2011) - Trig Innovation, a Research Triangle, NC-based innovation management consulting firm, announces its latest patent award for sgblue, Inc.'s Otwo Air Purifier.

Otwo was launched in October 2010 by sgblue, Inc. of Asheville, NC, and is a breakthrough device for residential use that removes all three types of pollution, including harmful gases (VOCs), particulates (dust, pet dander and pollen), and biologics (viruses, mold and mildew). The company contracted with a syndicate of Research Triangle Park firms to facilitate development of Otwo, including Trig Innovation, Montie Design, and Laut Design. Inventors listed on the patent include Ty Hagler of Trig Innovation, Montie Roland and Paul Hakenewerth of Montie Design, Michael Laut of Laut Design, and Parks Newby an instructor at NCSU.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued the award for the Otwo patent on March 8, 2011.

"Our contribution to the project involved taking the form development sketches from Laut Design and leading the 3D CAD sculpting phase to capture a complex shape that wraps around the advanced mechanical components of the purifier as led by Montie Design," stated Hagler, principal at Trig Innovation. "This project had a high level of difficulty to deliver on the functional and aesthetic requirements, but has delivered a high level of reward for the great people at sgblue by creating a strong visual brand language. It was a daunting challenge to translate the subtle design intent of a sleek, curved surface, where the only flat surface is the base of the device itself, and then tightly wrapping that exterior around the mechanism for a very compact, space efficient unit. It was through close collaboration with the talented engineers at Montie Design that we were able to balance the complex product development requirements leading to a successful product launch for sgblue. While many of Trig's projects involve work from concept to launch, we embrace the idea of collaborating with other professionals in the RTP area to provide the best solution for clients."

Ryan Hamsho, VP of Residential Sales at sgblue and client/collaborator, is pleased with the results. "The entire process went very well, from design conception through to completion. Once we finalized the engineering and basic design requirements and preferences, they really ran with it. Our customers love the look of this purifier. The footprint is small and the design is sleek. We're very happy to hear they've received the patent. It's well-deserved."

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