Trig Innovation Announces Hiring of Patrick Murphy

patrick portrait.jpg

Trig Innovation is pleased to announce the hiring of a new industrial designer, Patrick Murphy.   While we are obviously thrilled and grateful to be expanding our company and its capabilities for our clients at a time when others may be contracting out of necessity, we are even more excited by the fact that we are growing with someone who is such a great fit for the Trig team.

Patrick graduated magna cum laude in the industrial design program at North Carolina State University in 2009. As a top student in the program, Patrick earned recognition from the faculty by winning the Samuel Hedstrom Award for Excellence in Industrial Design.  A former Eagle Scout, Patrick also served as a member of the NC State student chapter of the Industrial Designers Society of America.

A long-time Studio Hagler and Trig Innovation collaborator, Smith Newnam, a phenomenal young designer in his own right, pointed Patrick our way last spring when we were ramping up some new projects and needed some extra help with the front-end design work.  We learned very quickly that Smith had a good eye for talent, as Patrick has already been able to leave his own unique design stamp on work that has earned ecstatic client approval.

In recent months, Patrick’s duties have expanded into other areas of the company, including work in graphic design and branding.  He fits the mold of what we’re trying to create at Trig—something we see at the best companies in our field—a specialist with deep knowledge of one field and the creative resourcefulness to be able to apply those skills to new frontiers. We apply a designer’s perspective, one that is motivated and inspired by improving the human condition at a macro level and takes a pragmatic approach to meeting client/end user needs at a micro level, into everything we do.  It’s this unique approach that sets us apart and Patrick is already at the forefront of cross-functional applications of this ethos.

While we are already impressed with Patrick’s contributions thus far, we are very much looking forward to seeing where his creative mind takes Trig and its clients next.