Trig Innovation Announces Animation Services

We don’t routinely use this space as a direct commercial for Trig Innovation, but we’re too excited about this latest service development to stay silent. 2011 has been a very good year for us, and we are thankful that we have been able to achieve the continued growth of the company’s capabilities in developing new products and the marketing assets companies need to enhance the sales experience for their customers.

For some time, the design crew has been trying to grab the best approach for integrating animation into our process.  Why is animation important for new product development?  Animation, and the use of online video, is a more rich way of communicating the investment in the design of a product. We are using animation to build brands, enhance user experience, and enable better understanding of product features through visualization. 

After building our in-house talent base, Patrick Murphy will be spearheading the delivery of client animation needs, we have made a significant investment of our own in some fantastic software. Bunkspeed MOVE ’12 is an impressive suite of animation tools for designers like Patrick to generate elegant animated movies.  First, it’s a natural extension of one of Trig’s core capabilities, 3D CAD Sculpting.  As we have clients who need animated graphics to showcase their ideas, Bunkspeed has critical compatibility with SolidWorks, enabling the Trig team to migrate designs seamlessly between the two software environments.  With this ability to directly import 3D CAD models into MOVE, we can generate marketing assets for greater commercial viability, without sacrificing details in design along the way.

Second, we looked at a few competitors, and Bunkspeed MOVE stood head and shoulders above other animation software packages.  We ultimately made our decision on a couple of factors—we felt like Bunkspeed gave us the greatest opportunity for ongoing enhancements to our productivity, as well as the ability to create gorgeous animated files in less time.  It’s important that we are able to do great work, but our clients need us to be both better and faster at what we do each time out.

Finally, Bunkspeed will enable us to capture not just the high points, but all of the rich details that communicate the product's craftsmanship and value to the customer. We are now working on animated movies where we not only display dynamic views of the models themselves, but also moving parts, groups, and materials.  In the coming weeks and months, we plan on showing off some of our representative work here on the site.