Trig Innovation Introduces Video Solutions

Trig Innovation is pleased to announce the introduction of yet another new service area for the benefit of our clients in 2012. After breaking new ground with product animations, a new way for stakeholders and customers to experience the design and engineering of new and refined products for the marketplace, we are thrilled to bring video production into our suite of innovation management services.

Much like the addition of animation services, the advent of Trig’s video services is the direct result of client demand. Clients bring us challenges, and we find ways to deliver effective solutions. After several of our clients and prospects clamored for tools that go beyond the considerable expressive capabilities of 3D CAD modeling, we have answered with two services that capture the imagination and showcase, in greater detail, the form and function of the products we help them develop.

We have launched this new set of services with a couple of great projects. First, we are developing a series of sales training videos for an agricultural equipment company in support of its launch of new technology applications.  Second, as part of our sponsorship of the Carolinas PDMA’s Innovate Carolina conference, we are offering production support, executing advance interviews of conference speakers, as well as video support for the events taking place on the day of the conference.

Samantha Harr