Scaling With Data Podcast (Your Culture is Built on Data)

Culture and data seem like opposing ideas, but in my conversation with Sean Steigerwald, founder of Malartu, we explored how the proper use of data can build a culture of transparency, accountability, and promote a healthy work-life balance.  Prior to the podcast, Sean and I have been enjoying exchanging books and ideas along this topic as we have sought to guide the growth of our respective companies.  Sean does a great job mixing the conversation with commentary and audio clips to keep the show moving along.  I highly recommend subscribing to Scaling with Data on iTunes as the podcast is off to a great start.


Show Notes

1:00 The scrappy underdog vs. IBM case study

3:10 Culture is intentional and data plays a huge part in that intentionality

4:20 Early entrepreneurship lessons in pragmatism through flatwater kayaking

8:05 The art of relational sales and the high trust consultative approach

11:05 Companies that choose to be great instead of big - Small Giants


Books and resources 

Small Giants by Bo Burlingham  

Traction by Gino Wickman


Ty Hagler

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