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Virtual Ideation and Peak Creative Performance

The truth of face-to-face brainstorming is that the quantity of ideas generated per person drops significantly each time someone is added to the team. The political nature of the typical office can be stifling. Think about your most recent brainstorm, when a colleague was talking were you thinking about your ideas or trying to figure out how to respond to them?

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Murphy’s Hypotenuse: Thoughts on the Passing of Bill Moggridge

Bill Moggridge passed away on this past September, leaving many of us in the global design community saddened at the loss of not only a great designer, but a great person. He also leaves us with his monumental legacy achieved on two continents, in multiple areas of design—doing it, teaching it, and serving as one of its principal champions over the course of four decades. His influence will live on for at least as many to come.

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Trig Innovation Launches New Sculpting Services

Trig Innovation is pleased to announce the launch of a new set of services aimed at multiple industries—product modeling through sculpting and carving. Spearheaded by industrial designer Patrick Murphy, the new sculpting and carving services aim to take products and their branding to a new level of realism, escaping the more esoteric impressions made by other services like 3D CAD sculpting and animation. 

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