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Why We Leave Projects Unfinished (And How to Finish Them)

Why are we passionately drawn to starting new projects but so colossally bad at finishing them? Designer Connie Tran discusses what it takes to rekindle motivation and stop the endless cycle of incomplete tasks and neglected hobbies.

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Coach's Corner - Public Speaking

A peek into Trig’s private Slack channel reveals a recent discussion among the team about an upcoming speaking engagement. It was fun to see the advice from some of the more seasoned members. Dr. Andrew DiMeo shares his thoughts and personal strategies for overcoming stage fright.

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Innovation Coaching

Biomedical Engineering expert Dr. Andrew DiMeo takes us through varying ideas on the innovation process and how Trig utilizes expertise from doctors and engineers alike to address patient needs in the pursuit of improving all future healthcare technology with human-centered design.

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