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Built to Last

Consider the classic Coke bottle. Can you see it in your mind? The silhouette of that legendary shape. What is that shape? Is that the brand of Coke? Or is that the product? Whether pouring it over ice or drinking it from the bottle, you are experiencing both the brand and the product of Coke all at once.

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Marketing Specialist Samantha Harr Joins Trig

Trig is pleased to announce the addition of Samantha Harr to the team as our junior marketing consultant. The talented and effervescent Ms. Harr entered the product design world from the fashion industry and has discovered her true calling in brand image creation. Congratulations and welcome!

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Murphy’s Hypotenuse—The Unmistakable Power of Icons (Part One)

Out of all the artistic expressions I have the privilege to explore in my world of industrial design, there’s nothing that provides the instant gratification of an icon, whether it’s placed on a product or used in marketing applications to sell it. In other words, I love a good icon.

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