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2018 Holiday Ad Trends: "But It's Not Even Thanksgiving Yet!"

Holiday Ad Trends 2018: Whether you’re the type to believe this is a war on Thanksgiving or an extension of wintery good cheer, the ads are here already and we’ve started watching them for you to get an early glimpse into this season’s trends. Here are some of our favorite ads that launched fast for winter 2018.

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Murphy’s Hypotenuse: A Love Affair with Facets

I love facets. Specifically, I love the use of facets and randomized faceted geometries in product design. Maybe I love facets the way I do because I got so sick of the amorphous, blobby, bright-colored approach to product design that most products were slapped with during a period that coincided with the dotcom boom (a period that also suffered, in parallel, a horrific onslaught of company logos of the same character).

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