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Why We Leave Projects Unfinished (And How to Finish Them)

Why are we passionately drawn to starting new projects but so colossally bad at finishing them? Designer Connie Tran discusses what it takes to rekindle motivation and stop the endless cycle of incomplete tasks and neglected hobbies.

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Explore Your World Like a Cross-Pollinator

There is a big, bright world of inspiration out there!  So why are so many people still sitting in windowless meeting rooms with empty tabletops and beige furniture?  When is the last time you came up with a brilliant idea while staring at a blank wall?

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Murphy’s Hypotenuse: Thoughts on the Passing of Bill Moggridge

Bill Moggridge passed away on this past September, leaving many of us in the global design community saddened at the loss of not only a great designer, but a great person. He also leaves us with his monumental legacy achieved on two continents, in multiple areas of design—doing it, teaching it, and serving as one of its principal champions over the course of four decades. His influence will live on for at least as many to come.

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