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The Listening Leader

Ty explains a journey of surprising self-reflection when he discovered that being a quiet introvert does not necessarily make someone a good listener. Some people need to feel heard and understood before they can reciprocate trust. Build stronger connections with your coworkers and clients.

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Servant Leadership and the Inverted Pyramid

The inverted pyramid is a way of approaching a company’s organizational chart – a way of thinking about one’s place in the hierarchy – in which the traditional leader, the CEO for example, is on the bottom, not the top.

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Murphy’s Hypotenuse: Thoughts on the Passing of Bill Moggridge

Bill Moggridge passed away on this past September, leaving many of us in the global design community saddened at the loss of not only a great designer, but a great person. He also leaves us with his monumental legacy achieved on two continents, in multiple areas of design—doing it, teaching it, and serving as one of its principal champions over the course of four decades. His influence will live on for at least as many to come.

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