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Innovation History of Trig's Logo Development

Ten years of business has taken Trig through many changes in the pursuit of growth. One of the best ways for a company to showcase shifting corporate values and service expansions is to design a fresh new logo. A logo should represent the very nature of a company’s culture. Take a look with us into the logos of Trig-past to explore our branding evolution.

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Murphy’s Hypotenuse—The Unmistakable Power of Icons (Part One)

Out of all the artistic expressions I have the privilege to explore in my world of industrial design, there’s nothing that provides the instant gratification of an icon, whether it’s placed on a product or used in marketing applications to sell it. In other words, I love a good icon.

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Fertile Ground - Customer Research at the Launch Phase

This week, Trig is attending the Southern Farm Show at Raleigh’s North Carolina State Fairgrounds from February 1-3. Over 300 exhibiting companies from the world of farm equipment will make the Southern Farm Show the largest exhibition of its kind in the Carolinas/Virginia area of the country.

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