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Trig Animation Demo Reel

As promised in this post from September 7, we have been busy creating a representative demo reel for the latest service offering at Trig Innovation.  Animation reels deliver a great perspective on both the form and function of many types of products, a perspective often not gained through still renderings to communicate the work done in the 3D CAD models. 

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Trig Innovation Announces Patent Award for Otwo Air Purifier

Trig Innovation, a Research Triangle, NC-based innovation management consulting firm, announces its latest patent award for sgblue, Inc.'s Otwo Air Purifier. Otwo was launched in October 2010 by sgblue, Inc. of Asheville, NC, and is a breakthrough device for residential use that removes all three types of pollution, including harmful gases (VOCs), particulates (dust, pet dander and pollen), and biologics (viruses, mold and mildew).

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