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Trig® Announces New Registered Trademark

Trig® Innovation is proud to announce the procurement of a service mark for its name, Trig®. Trademarks are standard fare in the world of the products we design and develop for others, and the word, Trig®, has taken on so much meaning for us in the last year that we decided to take the “what’s good for the goose” approach to our own name. 

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Trig Innovation Announces Hiring of Patrick Murphy

Trig Innovation is pleased to announce the hiring of a new industrial designer, Patrick Murphy.   While we are obviously thrilled and grateful to be expanding our company and its capabilities for our clients at a time when others may be contracting out of necessity, we are even more excited by the fact that we are growing with someone who is such a great fit for the Trig team.

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Hagler Launches Trig Innovation

Emerging from its origins as Studio Hagler, an award-winning design firm known for driving business strategy through design inspiration, a new kind of consulting firm has arrived on the product and service development scene. Trig Innovation is taking the stage with a unique perspective and team with diverse skill sets to partner with companies to drive innovation.

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