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Murphy’s Hypotenuse: Evolution in Design

Design is constantly evolving. Design is the answer to problems that reside different environments, and environments are always in flux. Along with the development of new technology, new markets, new styles, and the ever-changing tastes of the human mind, design adapts to embody and satiate all of these factors.

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The Importance of Visual Scribes in Ideation

While the product design and development process as a whole can take months, sometimes years, depending on the industry and the product, great ideation sessions can provide the vision and roadmap for the product development portfolio.

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Services Innovation: Visual Tools for Change Management

I was recently invited to participate in a very productive ideation session with a global services company to serve as the visual scribe. The experience was certainly rewarding as it was an opportunity to learn from leaders in a completely new industry immersed in a thick vocabulary of shorthand ideas and acronyms. 

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