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Growing with Purpose - Podcast Show Notes

Paul's insightful wisdom and interest in driving at the core of what makes us leaders made the entire experience of joining his podcast such a pleasure for me.  We covered topics of reinventing yourself, sticking with it in down times, empathy, being a sponge, and getting out of it what you put in. 

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Mentoring Young Design Thinkers

The path to becoming an industrial designer is challenging.  There are a laundry list of skills to master to even be considered for the first professional job.  The student experience is so transformative in the individual's thought process and way of viewing the world that the discipline has been named Design Thinking.

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Inspiration at Work—A Trig Innovation Core Value

Please don’t hate us because we love our work. It’s okay; we’ve paid our dues and worked in some pretty gut wrenching jobs where our efforts were disconnected with our interests, wishing we were doing . . . well, what we do today!

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