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Shaping an Agency, Chapter Two

Agency agreement signed, sealed, and delivered, we set forth with the ATX communications plan. Brian knew this would be a real test-not just for the company, but for himself.  He had always exceeded expectations for a variety of clients of most shapes and sizes, but the ATX project represented the biggest fish we had hauled in thus far.

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Murphy’s Hypotenuse—The Unmistakable Power of Icons (Part Two)

Today’s product and service markets are complex and saturated  with vast options and an incessant flow of information, and trying to make decisions based on that multitude of information available can be an arduous process. Any time this information can be simplified or summarized, as with icons, it’s an opportunity for a better experience for the customer.

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Trig Innovation Introduces Video Solutions

Trig Innovation is pleased to announce the introduction of yet another new service area for the benefit of our clients in 2012. After breaking new ground with product animations, a new way for stakeholders and customers to experience the design and engineering of new and refined products for the marketplace, we are thrilled to bring video production into our suite of innovation management services.

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