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The Importance of Visual Scribes in Ideation

While the product design and development process as a whole can take months, sometimes years, depending on the industry and the product, great ideation sessions can provide the vision and roadmap for the product development portfolio.

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3D CAD Sculpting—the Bridge from Concept Refinement to Prototyping

Product development occurs in distinct stages, with concepts being generated, culled, and refined throughout the process. For inventors and corporate product teams, the process begins with translating customer insights through ideation to generate concept solutions that are refined into polished solutions and renderings.

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Trig Innovation Announces Patent Award for Otwo Air Purifier

Trig Innovation, a Research Triangle, NC-based innovation management consulting firm, announces its latest patent award for sgblue, Inc.'s Otwo Air Purifier. Otwo was launched in October 2010 by sgblue, Inc. of Asheville, NC, and is a breakthrough device for residential use that removes all three types of pollution, including harmful gases (VOCs), particulates (dust, pet dander and pollen), and biologics (viruses, mold and mildew).

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