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Shaping an Agency, Chapter One

Brian was probably thinking this was a setup. We had just been swapping Skype messages around the idea that service companies should strive to be “everything to somebody,” as opposed to “something for everybody.” And then the phone rang. It was Grant at ATX.

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Industrial Design—Strategic Context Is Everything, Part Two

Recently, we had an engaging conversation while ramping up a new client, and they posed an interesting question: “Where does industrial design fit into the product development or innovation management picture?” A short answer to this question, that’s quite illustrative of ID’s raison d’être, is that industrial design is the bridge between marketing and engineering in product development.

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Industrial Design: Strategic Context Is Everything—Part One

Industrial Design is the bridge between marketing and engineering. The part we play in the process can make or break a product. We know where we stand and we want to provide excellence for you, our client.

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