Trig Celebrates 10 Years!

Wow. You look up one day, shut your laptop, and you realize that you’ve been in business for 10 years. Happy birthday, Trig! Enjoy a walk down memory lane as we explore many of the team members and awards Trig has picked up along the way over the course of the last decade.

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A Nostalgia-Driven Look at Retro Branding (on Toys We Loved as Kids)

As a fun addition to Trig’s 10 year anniversary celebration we thought it could be an opportune moment to take a look at something near and dear to our hearts: Visual Brand Language. Although rather than looking at the newest, hottest innovations in consumer goods presentation today we’re instead going back through time to explore the branding of… toys each of us loved as 10 year olds.

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The Tuxedo Principle of Industrial Design

How do you know when to finish adding features to a product? Minimalism in product design is very hard to achieve in large or small companies. How does one know where to draw the line between a blank slate and the visual clutter of feature creep and bloatware? I ask you to consider the tuxedo. 

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The Preflight Checklist

Dr. Andrew DiMeo reflects on lessons he's learned about values. When an airplane pilot is getting ready for a flight, they perform the preflight checklist every time to ensure not a single important step is overlooked. What if we all start treating our company values like a preflight checklist?

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The Listening Leader

Ty explains a journey of surprising self-reflection when he discovered that being a quiet introvert does not necessarily make someone a good listener. Some people need to feel heard and understood before they can reciprocate trust. Build stronger connections with your coworkers and clients.

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