A Ten Year Triumph

We can’t believe we almost missed this, but 2018 is Trig’s 10 year anniversary! In this special edition newsletter we take the time to reminisce and get a little nostalgic with some of our topics. We finish up by taking a look at Trig’s timeline of growth and accomplishments.

The Trig team usually focuses on building the future, but today we reflect on the past. Join us for an exciting exploration of Trig history.

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The Big IDEA

It’s nice to be able to kick off our newsletter with an exciting announcement. Trig has received a 2018 IDEA finalist recognition from the Industrial Designers Society of America for our work on the Stage we designed for Redbud Labs. The Stage houses breakthrough MXR chip technology, which revolutionizes clinical diagnostics by making assays up to 100x more sensitive, or 5x faster.

Read more about the Stage here.


Blast from the Past

Trig is now 10 years old, so we decided it would be fascinating to look into branding history by exploring what toys Trig employees were into when they were 10 years old. The toy industry is known for going over the top with visually impactful marketing, and brand aesthetic sensibilities have changed quite a bit over the last few decades.

Find out more here.

Treating Your Hobbies Like Work (But In A Good Way)

Have you ever gone home from a long day at the office and thought to yourself "Man...I could really use more deadlines and stress in my life!" Probably not, we assume. You surely have hobbies you enjoy, and within those hobbies you likely have unfinished projects sitting in some capacity waiting for attention. How can you set goals for your hobbies and treat them with the same importance as your day job's deadlines, but without draining all the joy straight out of your best modes of relaxation? Connie Tran explores how we can cultivate discipline in our casual interests and finally put an end to the incessant "to-do" piles.

Get motivated here.


History in the Making

From Trig’s humble beginnings in 2008 all the way to our prosperous present in 2018, there have been many challenges and many great projects we’ve conquered on our path to becoming your go-to industrial design firm. Explore our history and our work so far as we set our sights on another 10 great years in the future, and many more decades after that.

Join our celebration here.

Until next time,

Ty Hagler
Trig Innovation

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