The Art of Answering Questions

Every human creation answers a question. Sometimes many. How could we improve medical technology for a specific healthcare field? Can this complex process be made simpler? Who are the very best candidates for the job opening? Unmet needs + curiosity is a catalyst for innovation. Your business is answering questions for people by creating solutions, or quite literally answering questions by spreading information and resources. If you haven’t reflected on your consumers’ needs recently, let’s do so together. In this issue we explore many questions and many answers.

Industrial Design Presentation Answering Questions

Design Thinking vs. Human Centered Design

Last newsletter we investigated Design Thinking, what it means, and where it came from. If you are familiar with the practice of Human Centered Design, they probably sound suspiciously similar. What are the differences? Where do they overlap? What does each apply to? Dr. Andrew DiMeo explores the philosophy behind each with cooking analogies. (We’re big on analogies around here.)

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Bringing it In

Every leader wants to future-proof their business, set a strong foundation, chart a stable course. Nobody has a crystal ball with all the answers, but times are changing and data doesn’t lie: consumer attitudes have shifted and businesses must adapt. Marketing departments do more selling than sales departments. The Trig team shares how we make sure brand-building is a focus throughout our entire product design process and how we streamline our work to ensure we stay number one at what we do. How can you do the same for your industry?

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Title: They Ask You Answer
Author: Marcus Sheridan

What can content marketing do for you? Wonders. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, or whether you’re B2B or B2C. Author Marcus Sheridan explains how content marketing turned his business around from the brink of bankruptcy and shares lessons he learned along the way. The type of content that makes the biggest impact on building consumer trust and bringing in leads is the controversial practice of answering questions that others in your industry are afraid to face head on. They Ask You Answer is a wealth of truth and honesty every business could learn from.

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The Big Reveal

A big question on everyone’s mind once December rolls around is “What will Pantone pick for the next color of the year?” Pantone’s announcement is an exciting event for artists, designers, and consumers alike. Making its way into the spotlight for 2019 is… (drum roll please):

Living Coral | Pantone 16-1546.
This particular variant of coral is playful, yet embodies a more subtle and sophisticated lifestyle vibe than other recently popular shades of pink. We look forward to seeing where this whimsical hue appears on the market in upcoming months.

Read what Pantone has to say.

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