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Another holiday weekend is upon us. Happy Independence day, we hope you have a relaxing weekend filled with fun, food, and fireworks. Here's a cool gif to kick off the celebration:

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ASUS 3D Printing Ultimate Force Armor

Taking a Deeper Look at the ASUS 3D Printing Project

You've probably heard of open-sourced software, you probably use something open-sourced almost every day (like if you're reading this on Firefox, for example.) Open-source hardware is a bit less popular among average consumers. It's more popular among modders using Arduino boards or Rasberry Pi to bring life to their home-made robots. 

Last year ASUS introduced a 3D printing project in which they provide CAD files through community forums for printable components that can be installed on ASUS products. In our latest thought piece, we dive into the idea that ASUS and other hardware companies could use this open-source methodology, along with 3D printing, to fundamentally accelerate the advances of our hardware world and bring the design process to the consumer. 

Read the full post here. 

Redbud Labs Stage Profile Case Study

Redbud Labs Stage Case Study

Trig recently helped develop the Stage for Redbud Labs of Chapel Hill, NC. The device uses proprietary technology to accelerate the mixing of samples and reagents in microarray assays for laboratory test procedures and clinical diagnostics. Don't know what any of that means? Don't sweat it - we think it's awesome to look at regardless.

Check out the case study here. 

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Interrogation and Innovation

We're not talking about the good cop/bad cop interrogation in a dark room with a very bright light, we're talking the literal definition of interrogation: to elicit useful information.

Drew Brisley dives into what interrogation means for innovation in one of our favorite Tangent articles. In order to be good interrogators—and thus great innovators—we must reject the notion that the way things are is the way things will be. 

In order to go about interrogation in the service of innovation, you must go about it in the freest ways possible:

  • You have to be willing to be wrong about your ideas (!)

  • You must have an open mind

  • You must be able to stand in a different set of shoes—those of humankind itself (and they may be small and uncomfortable or large and insecure)

  • You must be able to question the status quo (to see fluidity where other see concreteness)

  • You must question the research (in order to understand its context)

Check out the full post here for more.

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