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The idea of creating a monopoly doesn’t sit well with most people. Though in truth, for any business to survive over a long time period, it needs to carve out several monopolies. In this newsletter we would like to present you with a new concept: The Iconopoly. This idea was inspired by reading Peter Thiel’s book, Zero to One, in which he makes a compelling argument that, in order for any company to exist, they should seek to become a monopoly. Learn more about this fresh new perspective here, which is also followed up with a book review further down the newsletter.

Take a look at what else Trig has been up to the last two weeks:

Industrial Design Matters

As Dr. DiMeo, our Innovation and Design coach, so eloquently states: "It is of utmost importance for me to ensure life is cherished, and to spend weekdays working on things that really matter, to improve health and happiness for all." What could be better than that? Learn more about Andrew's perspective on what drew him to the industrial design field and why he finds so much meaning in his work.

Ethan Creasman Promoted to Design and Development Manager

Trig is pleased to announce that Industrial Designer, Ethan Creasman has accepted a promotion to Design and Development Manager. Ethan is hard working, detail-focused, and believes in creating optimal user experiences in all projects he takes on. “There is something to be learned from every new client.” he was quoted as saying recently. Having a passion for self-discovery and growing as an innovator every single day is what sets Ethan ahead of his peers in the industry. We are proud of all he has accomplished already, and excited for our bright future in developing iconic products together. Read more about Ethan Creasman.

I Have an Idea, But is That Enough?

Maybe the concept came to you in a flash, the proverbial lightning bolt. Or maybe it was the result of your 47th attempt at some intricate new theory. It doesn’t matter how you got it. What does matter is that you believe you have come up with the Next Big Thing™. What do you do next? Take action? Maybe, but not so fast, friend. What we implore you to ask yourself is this: What problems are you solving

What We've Been Reading

Zero to One by Peter Thiel

This book has so many nuggets of entrepreneurial wisdom that I read it twice.  Most business books have one or two good ideas that have been elaborated beyond what is necessary.  Zero to One is shorter than most, but each chapter seems to pack a uniquely useful and compelling idea. Judging by the self-reported account in the book, Thiel’s approach to startups would qualify as a Commitment Culture. Thiel, as an investor, often repeats the maxim, “A startup flawed in its foundation cannot be fixed.”  This asserted observation might be contrarian, but it hews to the commitment culture perspective of getting the team and culture right as a primary objective for founders. Read more about the book that has us inspired.

Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport

In the fast-paced modern world, full of captivating distractions at our fingertips, Cal Newport asks us to reflect on the price we pay for allowing our attention to remain steadily divided. In the business world, we have a clear answer: The loss of deep work. This term describes the ability to intensely focus on demanding projects without drifting towards easy disruptions such as checking email, scrolling through social media feeds, or any other quick-dose information format. The author discusses deep work as being not just a skill one has to hone, but one of the most important elements in ensuring success in an increasingly competitive employment market. How can you compete against the super stars in your industry? The answers are way more simple than you might think, if you're prepared for a little self discipline.

R2-Bee2? Bee-3PO? Ok, ok, we'll stop...

This is so cool we had to share: Artist Richard Wilkinson has masterfully rendered imagined insects in forms inspired by the Star Wars universe and the characters we all love. The collection is part of a larger ongoing series that takes inspiration from many other pop culture franchises, all to be collected together in a book titled Arthropoda Iconicus Volume I. Check out these fantastic works of art.

Star Wars Themed Bugs

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