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Designing with the goal of building a better future is the best gift we can give ourselves and each other. More people should think like designers. You may actually be tackling challenges the same way designers do already and not even realize you’re doing it! If the term “design thinking” is new to you, this issue will explain what it means and why it’s risen to such recent popularity. Also this week: Trig team members who went above and beyond last quarter as shining examples of Trig’s core values were presented with unique and unusual trophies to honor their achievements. (Are you ready to rock?)

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Thinking About Design Thinking

Design thinking is a popular concept that’s been floating around for a while now, so what exactly does it mean, what makes it useful, and what brought it into fashion? The Trig team explains how to incorporate design thinking into the way you manage your business or tackle tough projects. Every industry can benefit from seeing their processes through the eyes of a designer.

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We Will Rock You

As we start to wrap up 2018 it dawned on us that the Trig team would benefit from some form of internal recognition for jobs well done. This year was truly monumental for our company, and we believe that great work should be greatly awarded and cheered by the whole company. But how to make something personal? Meaningful? Fun? The “trophies” we came up with are going to surprise you.

Read about this year’s MVPs here.

How to Invent Everything:
A Survival Guide for the Stranded Time Traveler
Author: Ryan North

You may not be planning to rent a faulty time machine, but in case you do, How to Invent Everything is going to be your best friend. This book is a field guide to rebuilding or completely reinventing human civilization as you see fit, depending on what time period you land in. Author Ryan North gives readers tons of technological basics to start with, so anyone can jump right in and get to work.

Would you try to mimic the way things progressed naturally, or would you engineer a better/different future with the knowledge you have of what’s to come?

A must-read for anyone who works in design, anyone who likes a good laugh, and anyone who thinks science and history are kinda neat.

Read our full review here.

Holiday Science Proved

The esteemed microbiologist Dr. Rebecca Lancefield was famous for her bacterial work, and to a lesser degree, famous for her eggnog. Her trick to killing off potential salmonella from the raw eggs was to spike the batch with rum and let it sit in a cold environment for weeks before serving. While salmonella is no longer a major concern with eggs, science was done to prove this theory of salmonella elimination.

Read on here, and try the recipe for yourself.

Science Eggnog Garnished Newsletter

Sweet Dreams

Striking interplay between form and function is at the heart of every groundbreaking new product design. In fine art, juxtapositions of form and function can serve as thought-provoking mediums to consider everyday objects in ways you never have before. These pillows by Colin Roberts, for instance, have very comfortable looking plush shapes, but are made out of beautifully joined plexiglass pieces. Light shines through them and reflects off of them dazzlingly, quite unlike their more usual matte fabric-crafted counterparts.

Explore this ethereal collection over at Colossal.

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