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Have you ever wondered why some people are able to generate new ideas faster than they can spit them out?  How are they able to consistently create original concepts that are both novel and meaningful?  Imagine how much more creative you would be if you learned their secret. 

Billion dollar idea

I had lunch with a friend this week who was on the founding team of a medical device company in his early career that went public and currently has a market capitalization of $1.04B.   As he was describing the experience, I stopped him and said, "Wait, you wrote a billion-dollar need statement?!" He chuckled and admitted he hadn't thought of it in those terms.  Over a long enough time horizon, the work we do as entrepreneurs and innovators has the potential to create enormous economic value.  The conversation left me wondering, how DO you create a billion dollar idea?

Today our own Kelly Harrigan unpacks this idea of how the Cross-Pollinator persona leads to meaningful creative ideas.  We have new books to check out and a fun case study of a product to help your kid feel like a hero when he goes to the potty.  We also want to invite you to an upcoming webinar where you can learn to become a true Innovation Broker.  To learn our secrets, read on and sign up for the webinar.

Explore Your World Like a Cross-Pollinator

Kelly has only been with Trig for a few weeks and she is already changing how we approach innovation. One of the many reasons why I am so excited that Kelly has joined Trig is that she lives the Cross-Pollinator persona through her love of travel. Don't worry though, Kelly explains you don't have to be a travel bug to become a good Cross-Pollinator.  In the article, you will learn what it means to be a Cross-Pollinator and Innovation Broker, as well as figure out that creativity can be an import/export business. Enjoy here.


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Join us on Thursday, September 14th from 1:00pm 1 1:45pm EDT to learn from Kelly Harrigan, Trend and Innovation Manager at Trig as she shares the new tools and techniques she has developed to build Smart Trend Boards. 

If you are like me, you will either sign up right now and put it on your calendar while you have the free time slot, or you will wait and miss the opportunity.  Don't wait.  Invest in your creative performance by signing up for this free 45-minute webinar here

Potty Hero Development Sketch

What we're up to

Case Study: Potty Hero Toilet Training Toy

Teach your boys to hit the mark.  It only works when the seat is lifted, so there's added training benefits.

What we're reading

  • Smarter Faster Better: The Transformative Power of Real Productivity by Charles Duhigg

    • I keep coming back to this book.  Our theme of Cross-Pollination ties in directly to Duhigg's chapter on Innovation and the impact of Innovation Brokers.  Apparently, there was a study done of 17 million scientific journal articles asking what is common among the top 5% most influential science?  As it turns out, the majority of those top 5% scientists are Innovation Brokers - able to mix conventional concepts from other fields in highly unusual ways.

  • Extreme Ownership: How US Navy SEALS Lead and Win by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

    • Every now and then you read a book that fundamentally changes your perception of the world.  Have you ever blamed something or someone other than yourself for a poor outcome?  I certainly have.  The core concept of this book, Extreme Ownership, is that the leader has to own every mistake of their team. No excuses. This isn't a new concept as the leadership principle has been told in a variety of ways, (The Level 5 Leader in Good to Great and Boundaries for Leaders come to mind) but the story of how Jocko dealt with his own responsibility and ownership of a wartime incident under his command is simply powerful.

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